Training capsules: Introduction to blockchain

Now the CBCat makes available to all Catalans an enriching learning in the form of free training capsules. Discover the technologies of the future with us!

Surely you have recently heard about blockchain technology, smart contracts or nodes. Here are some of the most exciting concepts that are transforming the world today. If you are interested in learning more about the latest technology trends, our training capsules are for you!

You will understand the fascinating world of blockchain, a revolutionary distributed ledger technology. Discover how this immutable structure ensures data integrity and resistance to manipulation. Learn how companies are applying it, and learn about the latest use cases.

Don't miss your chance to learn about the new technologies that are changing the world! Course for all people who want to explore new horizons.

How can I sign up?

Once inside, we will click on the buttoninscription.

You will have to click on the section “I am not registered on the Campus” and select the option "to register".

In the next step you will be asked to enter the details of the participant and their company. Is important not to put capital letters or punctuation marks, because otherwise it will give you an error when submitting the form.

In the username, enter the first letter of your first name, the first full last name and 01. Example: prodigy01 

It is important that you save your username, as it is what will give you access to the platform.

Password must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.

If when you click save changes the page does not progress, it is because there is an error.

It will appear indicated at the top.

Once you have entered the data you must click on "finish registration".

*Ignore where the account code indicates where to make the deposit, as the training is free of charge.

This training is subsidized by the Department of Business and Labor of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

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