There will be no ICT without humanity and diversity

Article taken from the medium meta data

The technology sector faces the challenge of including female talent and from other disciplines to offer tools that generate a real impact on society.

"Do you think or do they think about you?". This is how the writer, lecturer and professor in business schools Pilar Gómez-Acebo tries to make the audience think in all her sessions. And he has done it again WomenTech 2022, but with a message for his listeners: "The human being is an emotional being who reasons and this changes the focus of the decision. Only 10% of the humanity think, the rest, act. Women, who reflect low self-esteem, need to acquire more knowledge to reduce insecurity and enter the group of those who think". The congress, intended to awaken the STEAM vocations among women with female talent current reference to ICT, has gathered in a virtual environment with avatars, digital stands and a stage without speakers in person, but by video conference.

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