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The current climate crisis pushes us to transition quickly towards sustainable models. This is particularly rewarding for the energy sector, the main source of CO₂ emissions that cause climate change. To this need for energy transition towards non-fossil models, we must add the most recent energy crisis, with energy costs reaching historic highs day after day. 

Surely the only positive side of the energy crisis is that it pushes us more quickly towards renewables, with a clear benefit and palliative effects for the climate crisis. In this context, the production and storage models of renewables, distributed and decentralized take maximum prominence, since it is the citizens who are making their own energy transition, precisely to try to overcome the price crisis.

Recent news from the Energy Node


The strategic project of the Energy Node in Badalona is the reWatt Peers technological solution, which aims to add a layer of blockchain technology to self-consumption that will allow prosumers to make a decentralized sale of surplus energy in a p2p format.

The Espai Llavor is in charge of developing talent to be able to give an outlet to the opportunities created from the Narcís Xifra Forum.

To achieve this, the creation of early-stage entrepreneurship projects that develop solutions aligned with CBCat's strategic projects will be encouraged and promoted.

Two annual calls are made to identify innovative projects that use blockchain in the food field. Once identified, they are offered advisory services to help their implementation and consolidation.

Espai Llavor

Forum Narcís Xifra

The Observatory Narcís Xifra observes and collects those local and international experiences in renewable energy that respond to distributed and decentralized models and that, therefore, make use of blockchain technologies for their management and operation. The Observatory takes the form of a Forum, as it encourages debate and mutual learning based on the experiences gathered. It wants to be a speaker for Catalan initiatives that are pioneers in the use of blockchain applied to energy while allowing us to learn from innovative experiences in other countries. 

The forum owes its name to Narcís Xifra (Girona 1848 – 1934), illustrious Catalan and personal friend of Thomas Edison, for being the pioneer in the arrival of electricity in Catalonia.

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Location: BCIN - Badalona International Business Center
Carrer Marcus Porcius, 1, 08915 Badalona, ​​Barcelona

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