FlexiDAO is a Catalan Startup that provides software responsible for putting electricity companies that are committed to renewable energies in contact with companies interested in this type of sources. Based on blockchain technology, the software allows the traceability of the type of energy that customers receive in their businesses. 


Speaking to industry representatives, they realized that more transparency was needed about the source of the energy customers receive. And therefore, they considered what was the resolution of this need that the potential customers posed to him.


FlexiDAO helps energy marketers to offer a new service; which gives corporate consumers the power to:

  • Select the type of green energy source and the geographic location of the power plant
  • Track every hour that this selected renewable generation is equaling 100% of consumption
  • Collect, own and manage green certificates, represented by tokenized digital assets on the blockchain


(Source: https://www.flexidao.com/ summary drawn up according to information on the web as of September 2022) 


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