North Foundation

Non-profit organization with the aim of promoting new technologies to advance the transformation of society by empowering citizens, doing it ethically and working to reduce the digital divide.

The Nord Foundation is a non-profit entity born with the aim of promoting and implementing new technologies and, in particular, Blockchain technology, to advance the transformation of society by empowering citizens, to do so from 'an ethical point of view and working for the reduction of the digital divide.

We create projects based on Blockchain, with our own research and developing technological innovation projects for institutions, companies and associations. It promotes cooperation between citizens, administrations, institutions and companies, to make Girona the ideal territory for the implementation of new technologies. We promote the digital transformation of society by organizing training and specialization courses, studies, talks and activities that help create a more digitally cohesive society.

Technology: Ethereum

Role: Technology Advisor, Blockchain Developer, Ecosystem Facilitator, Student, Technology Disseminator, Trainer, Researcher, Event Organizer, Service Provider


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