Startup in the insurtech sector, based in Barcelona. Created in 2017 by 4 executives with extensive experience in the international insurance market who are alumni of Lloyd's Lab.

The platform offers its service as a service in the cloud (SaaS), through integration with different APIs it offers a subscription service for use. Powered by an orchestration and governance engine, which uses blockchain technology, it leverages data collection and artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, to deliver a digital-first experience in subscription, binder management, exposure and control of wallets

A modular and flexible data model that offers what the company needs with an easy-to-use interface.

Technology: Bitcoin

Role: Blockchain Architect/Engineer, Technology Advisors, Business Model Advisor, Consultant, Business Developer, Ecosystem Facilitator, Integrating Company, Technology Evangelist/Disseminator, Trainer, Event Organizer, Technology Transfer


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