Startup Capital grants

Application deadline: May 16, 2023

StartupCapital is a direct aid for emerging technology companies that need financing to carry out the initial phases of the business, develop their product or service and validate the business model to reach the market.

Did you know that the startups benefiting from the first four aid calls have created 500 jobs? And that all of them have achieved 33,5 million euros of private investment?

If you are a startup with your own technology and need funding to grow, follow in the footsteps of the more than 120 start-ups that have received the aid. Startup Capital gives you a boost!

The 2023 call is open. Apply for Startup Capital support.

More information

  • The aid is public competition at a loss and does not require guarantees.
  • The total previous funding received by the startup (in all forms) up to the date of the application must be less than €250.000.
  • A maximum amount of €99.000 and €1.000 for the advice of a Mentor accredited by ACCIÓ.
  • The intensity of the aid will be 75% of the eligible cost, with a maximum of €99.000 per project.
  • The minimum accepted subsidized cost must be €135.000.
  • The beneficiary startup will receive an advance of 80% of the aid granted automatically, without the need for guarantees.
  • Candidate companies need the digital certificate.
  • The actions financed with the help of Startup Capital can be carried out for a period of 24 months from the closing of the call, without the possibility of extension. (May 16, 2023 at 14:00 p.m.).
If you have any questions regarding this grant, you can contact
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