Zambian Breweries, a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), has implemented an economic identity solution using blockchain technology, from technology company BanQu.

This technology creates economic opportunities for the world's poorest, including refugees and displaced people. The platform offers these people, who are excluded from the banking system, a free and secure online profile that provides them with a recognizable financial identity.
In just a few minutes, these users set up a personal digital ID profile that connects to their banking network. As they accumulate transaction histories on the BanQu platform, these unbanked people also develop a controlled and traceable financial and personal history.

Instead of barley as the main crop to make their beer, Zambian Breweries uses mendioca, an important staple crop in many areas of Africa. The mendioca market is made up of small farmers who live marginally.
These farmers did not have record keeping among themselves, they had a low rate of access to banking and much of the harvest was wasted.

That's why Zambian Breweries started buying the mendiuca crop from small farmers through BanQu's platform. This platform delivers virtual tokens that can be exchanged for cash when needed or used for other types of payments.

In addition, this platform has enabled Zambian Breweries to streamline their procurement process, audit the supply chain for anomalies and create long-term farmer development plans, which strengthens their go-to-market strategy.

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