Web3 puts music to the future economy of creativity

Article taken fromBlockchain Observatory 

Cooper Turley has created Coop Rècords, a start up that invests in platforms, protocols, artists and music tokens through the Web3, has collected 10 million dollars in its first investment phase. Its stated goal: to facilitate investment in the new generation of music.

We won't get tired of saying it: Web3 creates models of monetization in the different fields, with special interest for those who were hit by the irruption of the internet and the consequences of its demonetization. I am referring, of course, to those integrated fields in which the creative, cultural and entertainment industries are called. In other words, an industry in which one of its main axes and values ​​is creativity.

With the internet, the symbolically well-valued creativity, in a supposed society of leisure and the consumption of culture and entertainment, was demonetized from the access to its consumption without remunerating the creators. When illegal copying or plagiarism dominates without economic recognition, creators and creativity are impoverished.

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