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Assurance through innovation: Algorithmic auditing and blockchain registration

Written by Dr. Emre Kazim, Dr. Adriano Koshiyama – Holistic AI


The past decade has witnessed rapid adoption of algorithmic systems by businesses in their operations, marketing and services, and government in their analytics, policy and service delivery. This seemingly ubiquitous adoption is driven by fundamental research and advances in associated technologies (such as processors and availability of large datasets).

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Blockchain and AI: The New Era for Smart Cities

Written by Jeremy Barnett, Barrister at St Paul's Chambers, Honorary Professor at UCL, Founder Resilience Partners Ltd and Co-Chair FIBREE (London).


For many years, interest in smart cities and smart buildings has been growing as connected devices and increased bandwidth present numerous opportunities for “Proptech” and other technology solutions new At a recent panel of experts on real estate innovation (organized by CMS and called “Digital Disruption Smart Cities” and “ESG”), experts concluded that much of the information that is being collected is not currently being used.

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