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Blockchain technology is challenging the way underlying assets and stocks are bought and sold

What do the Queen of England, the Catholic Church and Bill Gates have in common? Land ownership, and a lot! Earlier this year, the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation became the largest owner of agricultural land in the United States, with more than 240.000 acres of land (approximately 97.000 hectares). The Catholic Church owns more than 71 million hectares, which is a land mass the size of France, but the largest owner of land is not a government, but Queen Elizabeth II.

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GovTech: Blockchain technology drives change in the public sector

To stimulate local and national economies, authorities need to build greater confidence that it is safe for people to return to their offices, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and travel (especially on public transport). We are seeing that work is being done at a global level on different initiatives in order to be able to return to a pre-pandemic scenario. 

Undoubtedly, many people work in public authorities around the world.

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The Digital Green Pass will not be the certificate that saves the summer

The European Commission gave more details yesterday about the Digital Green Pass, the digital certificate promoted by the European Union in order to reactivate mobility within the Union before the start of summer. We now know that it will be a certificate available in digital and paper format, which will contain a QR code and information on whether the user has been vaccinated, has antibodies for having recently overcome Covid-19, or tested negative in a PCR or antigen test.

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Institutional interest in digital assets continues to grow

There has been a wave of institutions announcing their involvement in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Goldman Sachs surveyed more than 300 of its high net worth clients and found that more than 40% of these are already exposed to cryptocurrencies in various ways, and that 61% intend to increase their exposure to this asset class in one way or another. However, it is not only Mr. Goldman Sachs who has turned his attention to digital assets. According to Reuters, Citibank believes that “the Bitcoin is at an inflection point and it could become the preferred modena for international trade”. Citigroup believes that it is very possible that in the future we will see an increase in the number of stablecoins that operate on private and permissioned Blockchain technology.

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Weak economies and rising commodity prices – massive debt as Bitcoin prices climb a wall of worry

Weak Economies and Rising Commodity Prices: Massive Debts as Bitcoin Prices Climb a Wall of Worry

There remains a great deal of speculation as to when the prices of cryptoassets, particularly Bitcoin, may rise. There is a growing number of people who are concerned about the current economic climate, and some argue that this has helped boost cryptocurrency prices.

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Trend report on blockchain technology

The Department of Digital Policies and the foundation i2CAT have produced a report on trends in blockchain technology and its scalability:

As the adoption of blockchain technology increases and the use of cryptocurrencies becomes more widespread, the number of transactions generated by the transfer of value is increased. Networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others are a clear example of this situation.

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Why stablecoins are not only important for the crypto market

Actually, the Stable coins they are a relative description, especially when they are backed by a fiat currency. Those who hold their assets to earn money or have expenses to pay in yen, euros or pounds would hardly consider the US dollar "stable". 

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UK Public Sector Tech Recruitment: Is the UK Government's Green Paper a Threat or an Opportunity for the Tech Sector?

Written by Richard Hallewell, who is the award-winning CEO of the CIPFA Technology Procurement Association (CTPA) and procurement specialists CPRAS. He is also Vice Chair of the UK Government Blockchain Association and holds global leadership roles in numerous technology associations.

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Blockchain leaves paper behind

Blockchain technology, as many people know, offers the possibility of creating a highly secure database through which information can be shared in a permissioned manner. This means that it is possible to share information with whoever you want and for as long as you want. For example,

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Predictions for 2020: How did we do?

Here is a list of the various predictions we made in January 2020 and the results obtained a year later.

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