Training of the CBCat

Get introduced to blockchain technology, or develop your knowledge with the CBCat

Training capsules

Master the technology that is changing the world and implement new business models based on decentralized systems.

Aimed at all kinds of audiences who want to understand the basics of blockchain technology in order to develop projects in this emerging space.

We will soon open a new tutored course to introduce you to blockchain technology. Stay tuned!

From the CBCat we firmly believe that the senior officials of the companies must know the blockchain technology in order to be able to use it to be able to apply it in their business sector.

The aim of the BlockchainxCEOs meetings is to form a small group of entrepreneurs and/or executives in an exclusive environment that allows for the sharing of ideas and innovation in business models.


InnoBlock workshops

The InnoBlock Workshops are co-creation workshops designed and led by CBCat professionals. These workshops are an essential resource for the discovery of technological innovations that will allow a sector or an industry to transform and advance successfully towards future scenarios.

The Workshop—always face-to-face—can take the form of one or two days, depending on the complexity of the sectoral element to be transformed. Several representatives of the industry or sector on which the discoveries will be made, as well as experts in co-creation and technological innovation from the CBCat, participate in the Workshop, as facilitators of the Workshops.

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