Food and beverage node in Vic

Food and beverage node in Vic

The food and beverage sector is the first sector of the Catalan economy and one of the most dynamic exporters. This generates an annual business volume of around €38.205 M, i represents the 16'38% of Catalan GDP.

Nowadays consumers tend to maintain healthier and more sustainable consumption habits. This change in paradigm requires changes in the production companies and entities of the primary sector, which see themselves with the obligation to adapt to the new demands of the consumer and environmental regulations.

Recent news from the Food Node

The Espai Llavor is in charge of developing talent to be able to give an outlet to the opportunities created from the Sent Soví Forum.

To achieve this, the creation of entrepreneurship projects in the initial phase will be encouraged and promoted that develop solutions aligned with the strategic projects that will be promoted from the CBCat, and especially from the food node.

Two annual calls will be made to identify innovative projects that use blockchain in the food field. Once identified, they will be offered advisory services to help with their implementation and consolidation.

Espai Llavor

Forum Sent Soví

The Sent Soví book is a medieval recipe book written in Catalan, the first known recipe book of Catalan cuisine.

Under this inspiration, the Forum Sent Soví it will become an observatory to be permanently informed and up-to-date on what is happening in the world of the food industry, to then shape it and land it in our territory. It will ensure that Catalan companies are more pioneering, advanced and modern in the food sector through the dissemination of the information generated and the sharing of challenges that can be generalized to the sector.

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Location: Chamber of Osona.
Carrer de l'Historiador Ramon d'Abadal i de Vinyals, 5, 08500 Vic, Barcelona

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