Projects of the CBCat

In order to achieve the mission of the CBCat, to disseminate blockchain technology, the center develops several projects:

BxCat (Blockchain for Catalonia) is a blockchain fair that takes place in Catalonia, by Catalans and for Catalans; a space for the companies of our territory, where they will have the opportunity to make themselves known, to explain their project, and to create synergies with all kinds of actors; an event for our people who, no matter what level of knowledge they have, will see the opportunity to discover or delve into this revolutionary technology.

CatVers, the Catalan metaverse based on blockchain

CatVers is a free virtual reality access platform created to promote the Catalan nation, language and culture in this new digital environment that is being created around the concept of the metaverse. It is an environment where you can socialize, play, work or exchange goods, among others, through the creation of content in virtual reality (VR).

Open Girona

The Open Girona project aimed to develop a pilot test within the city of Girona in order to test a system of certifications of vaccinations and tests of Covid19 that would allow to certify that a person had greater security (less likely to be infected and to infect other people) when traveling, participate in events, shopping, going to restaurants or other activities that before the pandemic were everyday.

This project was carried out while maintaining the privacy of personal data, securely and immutably thanks to blockchain technology, which allows the user to be solely responsible for their data and that these cannot be altered.

The project BlockchainxODS consists of 17 challenges, one for each ODS (Sustainable Development Goals), where students from Catalan universities will propose solutions to solve the problems exposed through the challenges. These events are promoted by CBCat together with other collaborating institutions and companies.

It is an opportunity for companies to come into direct contact with students and find, together, solutions to the different problems that arise; at the same time, these initiatives can become real business models.


Sustainable Development Goals

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