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Developed by PositiveBlockchain.io organization.

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Description of the project or solution

The PositiveBlockchain initiative seeks to publicize the possibilities that the technology offers, thus encouraging its incorporation in companies and the emergence of new projects that use blockchain.

The platform consists of an open source database where all blockchain initiatives are collected in order to be able to study the potential of the technology in improving the socio-environmental impact.

Companies can present projects within the platform to make themselves known. PositiveBlockchain will verify if the project that wants to be incorporated into the database is legitimate, adding it to the more than 1200 projects they have.

PositiveBlockchain addresses the majority of sectors where the blockchain is applicable, thus achieving a very broad category database, both in terms of categories and projects within these categories.

The energy sector is obviously also included in this platform, where we find companies and projects that combine energy services with blockchain.

Within the category, the projects or companies listed have a short description of the project, links to view the original project web page, as well as additional resources such as videos or diagrams.

The organization also holds events and events to give even more visibility, where they do outreach work to clearly understand the use of blockchain.

Role of blockchain technology in the project or solution

The platform itself makes use of blockchain technology, using it to record and verify the contributions made by members, giving a layer of transparency in the management of the community and providing trust in the relationships of the different actors.

TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of the project or solution

Although this platform has a level of maturity within the TRL scale of 9, since it is a solution already available worldwide, with a large number of verified members, it is a platform that in the case at hand, the of energy projects, is underutilized.

The descriptions of the projects are not extensive and leave little room to interact with them, beyond going to the project page.

The organization is working on ways to make the experience more interactive, with the incorporation of a discussion space within the platform where different actors can collaborate, giving more depth to the ecosystem.

Source of information

For more information see the website: https://positiveblockchain.io/database-category/energy/

Summary prepared on April 2023.

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