Title of the project or solution

Greenchain, GreenH2chain

Company owner of the project or solution

Developed by Acciona.

Categorization of the project or solution in the energy sector


Description of the project or solution

The company Acciona has developed several solutions to guarantee the renewable origin of energy.

The Greenchain digital solution is based on a platform that allows you to visualize in real time the origin of the energy, from the moment the Kwh is generated and the plant or installation in which it was produced, with the description of the associated emissions that it has attached.

So, we find that the platform has a record of users at both ends, at the producers, collecting the energy produced in terms of quantity and generation time, and giving credibility to the energy sustainability of its installation ·lation

And on the part of the consumers, it allows to visualize, what has been the route of the energy that reaches it, providing the benefits in environmental terms, which supposes their consumption of this sustainable energy in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, with equivalences for greater illustration such as trees planted or trees removed from the road.

Finally, this platform gives voice to other community projects, providing a layer of knowledge and impetus to initiatives linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.

On the other hand, another solution developed by Acciona is the GreenH2Chain digital platform.

This digital solution is a pioneer on a global scale in guaranteeing the origin of green hydrogen, that is, of renewable origin. In addition, it allows to follow the transport and distribution processes of this hydrogen in a reliable and transparent way.

In the same way as in GreenChain, we find that there will be two types of users registered on the platform, producers and consumers, able to monitor productions and consumptions, with the representation of avoided carbon dioxide emissions.

Role of blockchain technology in the project or solution

The function of the blockchain in both projects is to verify the reliability of guarantees of origin. 

When the energy is generated, it is recorded thanks to blockchain technology, protecting the data from possible manipulation or double accounting.

In addition, it is thanks to the rapid verification provided by the blockchain that real-time visualization can be offered.

TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of the project or solution

In the case of the GreenChain solution, it has a TRL of 9, the maximum. This solution is already implemented in the market, and is already being used by companies at the national level.

GreenH2Chain, on the other hand, has a TRL of 6, and is in a pilot testing state.

This pilot is the project "Power to Green Hydrogen” where a green hydrogen ecosystem is proposed for the island of Mallorca.

Source of information

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Summary prepared in April 2023.

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