After decades of stagnation and multiple failed attempts, the hydrogen economy now seems poised for a major takeoff. A growing number of countries and industries are proactively investing in hydrogen technologies, and hydrogen is emerging as the “fuel of the future”. Industry experts predict that hydrogen could become a globally traded energy source, just like oil and gas. while Bank of America says the industry is at an inflection point and is set to explode into an $11 trillion market.


At the center of all this is green hydrogen, or hydrogen generated from 100% zero carbon sources due to its superior green credentials.


World leaders in green hydrogen have come together with an ambitious goal to increase green hydrogen production up to 50 times over the next six years.


The Green Hydrogen Catapult Initiative aims to drive a 50-fold increase in green hydrogen to 25 GW by 2026, a scale that could significantly reduce hydrogen costs below €2/kg, making the fuel source be competitive with fossil fuels in energy generation.


But how can end users be sure that the hydrogen they buy is strictly the green kind and not, say, gray hydrogen made from natural gas cracking?


Fortunately, the Spanish multinational Acciona has developed the first platform to guarantee the renewable origin of green hydrogen.


GreenH2chain is a blockchain platform that will allow customers anywhere in the world to verify and visualize the entire green hydrogen value chain in real time.


The blockchain platform will allow consumers of renewable hydrogen to monitor the entire decarbonization process of their own energy supply and also verify the transportation and delivery process.


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(Source: summary drawn up according to information on the web as of September 2022)

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