Title of the project or solution

Allinfra Climate

Company owner of the project or solution

Developed by Allinfra.

Categorization of the project or solution in the energy sector

Notarization, Energy management.

Description of the project or solution

To make the task of facilitating and providing transparency to companies' consumption and emissions data easier, Allinfra has developed software to carry out audits and energy management in a more efficient way.

The platform, called Allinfra Climate is presented as an environmental software based on the blockchain, which aims to help meet the sustainability challenges set by companies.

The main functionality of this system is to create a repository of reliable data on the energy behavior of a company or industry, with the characteristic of being much more accessible and easier to organize than the other alternatives.

As a result of sensors incorporated in the different energy actors that a company may have, such as the meter or a self-consumption installation, different data are stored, and a library is being created that allows a history to be made, to analyze trends, and predict consumption.

This library is useful when calculating the carbon footprint of the company, or finding points of improvement in energy behavior.

Role of blockchain technology in the project or solution

Regarding the digitalization of energy, blockchain technology is much more efficient than other systems and this project is an example.

Firstly, it offers a direct recording of the data, that is to say from the moment the sensor makes the reading, this information is recorded, unalterable in the blockchain, without going through third parties or intermediaries, where errors or disturbances of the data, such as double counting, a very common problem that makes audit work more difficult.

Following the same line, it allows the reduction to the indispensable of human action, everything is automated, which is beneficial in terms of costs as in avoiding human errors.

Finally, more generally in all applications of the blockchain, the transparency of the data as well as the security it provides, makes the use of external verifications for the reliability of the data indispensable.

TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of the project or solution

This solution has a TRL of 9, the highest within the scale.

The software is being marketed internationally, validated and certified by different organizations, and at the time of writing this summary the company is experimenting with the incorporation of its own renewable energy certificate into the system.

Source of information

For more information see the website:

Summary prepared in May 2023.

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