Chain of Things (CoT) is a research lab and venture studio dedicated to leveraging the nexus between blockchain and IoT to solve fundamental problems in the connected device space and develop highly efficient futuristic applications. Among other things, Chain of Things is working on a project called ElectriCChain.

ElectriCChain is an open science project dedicated to the intersection of solar energy, IoT and blockchain technology. One of ElectriCChain's goals is to connect the world's 7 million solar installations, which are watching the sky 24/7 and publishing live data to a blockchain for scientists , researchers and human progress. The initial focus is to verify and publish solar power generation data publicly in near real time. The ElectriCChain project supports the development of open standards and tools for publishing and reading solar electricity generation data using the SolarCoin blockchain and/or other blockchain technologies.

(Source: summary drawn up according to information on the web as of September 2022)

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