Blockchain technology enables decentralized data exchange and remote control of energy flow in a given area by tracking usage statistics. The simplified trading framework helps establish real-time energy markets and identity-preserving transactions at much lower costs. However, the high computational and power requirements of IoT devices are major challenges that restrict the application of blockchain in IoT and smart grids.

US startup Drone Energy is making energy grids more efficient using industrial smart grid technology that harnesses high-density computing to match producer supply and demand. They develop a decentralized, on-demand energy supply architecture that maximizes utilization, processing power, and profitability, providing sustainable blockchain energy management. They host, secure, and manage third-party blockchains, both private and public, in a scalable, low-cost format.

(Source: https://droneenergy.com/ summary drawn up according to information on the web as of September 2022) 


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