Powerpeers is a community platform for 100% sustainable energy. The platform allows you to select which combination of personal renewable energies you want to use (wind, hydro or solar, all produced locally, in the Netherlands), so the customer can choose from which energy sources they want to receive their electricity, and also share surplus energy in case the user has solar panels.

Powerpeers' mission is to make life greener by sharing sustainable energy. They do this by connecting customers to each other: generators that have a surplus of green (self-generated) energy, with customers that consume this green energy.

Thanks to blockchain technology, the platform ensures that the electricity billed is actually produced by the chosen source, thus contributing to the energy transition that is so necessary today.

Web page: https://www.powerpeers.nl/

(Source: https://group.vattenfall.com/press-and-media/newsroom/2016/vattenfall-launches-energy-sharing-marketplace-powerpeers  summary drawn up according to information on the web as of September 2022) 

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